House Washing Services

We are proud to be one of Auckland’s premier house wash company’s specialising in soft wash treatments for both residential and commercial customers. We’ve been around for over 33 years and have built a strong reputation in the delivery of high quality, house maintenance services to our many satisfied customers. 

Exterior house cleaning

Ensuring you maintain the exterior of your house with an annual house wash, and a moss and mould treatment, will protect it from the elements and prevent weatherboards and cladding from rotting over time. Not only will you improve the aesthetics and value of your home by keeping it well maintained, you’ll also avoid costly structural repairs further down the track.

House wash techniques

We offer a professional house soft wash service that is gentle on exterior surfaces whilst getting rid of stubborn grime and moss and mould spores. Unlike harsher water blasting techniques, our soft hose applications won’t damage or chip paint surfaces, something that can easily occur on older style homes like villas and bungalows with high pressure systems. 

Biodegradable house wash products

We care about the environment as much as you do, so we only use biodegradable house wash products that are safe for your whole family, including your pets. They are also suitable for rural dwellings on tank water supply. 

Qualified, experienced team 

Our qualified team have years of experience assisting Auckland homeowners with their house washing and maintenance requirements and are friendly, professional and work hard to ensure a superior result. 

We keep our rates affordable and are always happy to offer free advice on the best way to maintain the exterior of your home.