Chemical Washing

If your house or commercial building is in need of a thorough clean, we can assist. We offer both low and medium pressure washes for residential and commercial premises using our own in-house manufactured equipment to ensure the highest quality result. 

Exterior soft wash detergents

Depending on the job requirements, and how long between cleans, we either use chemical or detergent applications to remove grime, lichen and moss and mould. Our soft wash detergents are biodegradable and kind on the environment, making them ideal for residential properties where families can have peace of mind that no toxic chemicals are being used.

Low-grade chemical washes

If the external surfaces haven’t been properly maintained, and a stronger cleaning application is required, we use low-grade chemicals to cut through the grime. This technique is also highly effective on exterior surfaces that are going to be replastered or repainted as it removes any flaking paint, leaving the surface clean and ready for priming. 

Residential and commercial services

We have built strong industry relationships with a number of Auckland commercial and residential plasterers and painters to reduce the amount of prep work required prior to renovating or undertaking property maintenance. 

Specialists in cleaning exterior walls, roofs, decks, paths and fences 

As part of our comprehensive external house washing services, we also clean driveways, paths, decks, fences, roofs and gutters. Our team will be able to advise on how often you should be undertaking regular cleaning maintenance to ensure your property is protected from the weather and looks great all year round.