Gutter Cleaning

Blocked gutters are not only unsightly but can cause serious damage to your roof and exterior walls by trapping water and allowing rot to set in. Many Auckland houses in established suburbs have large tees planted close to the house that perpetuates the problem. Installing a gutter guard will provide ongoing protection by preventing leaves from accumulating and allowing water to drain freely from the roof into your downpipes. 

Our gutter cleaning process

We undertake a three-stage gutter cleaning process starting with the removal of all leaf matter, silt and debris by hand. Once the gutter is clear, we use a hose to flush both the gutter and downpipes to ensure any residual matter is removed. This is followed by a moss and mould treatment to kill any spores and prevent future regrowth.

Ongoing gutter maintenance

Ideally you should have your gutters cleaned twice a year, once in late spring and again in late autumn after the leaves have fallen. This ensures that leaf debris isn’t allowed to build in the gutter system, leading to the growth of moss and mould over the winter months. 

Health and Safety

Our team operate under strict OSH guidelines at all times and are trained to work on difficult roofs where access to the guttering system may be challenging.  

No obligation, free quotes 

After undertaking an on-site inspection, our friendly team will provide you with a free quote and are always willing to impart good advice on how to take care of your gutters (and other external house maintenance requirements) on an ongoing basis. All our workmanship is guaranteed and you’ll find our pricing affordable and transparent.