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Roof Moss & Lichen Treatments

Our environmentally friendly roof treatment is target specific for moss and lichen. Our guaranteed* treatment will not damage your roof or gutters like some fast acting products available off-the-shelf at your local hardware store.

Along with Roof-Washing, we specialise in the treatment of roofs etc where access proves difficult or too costly to employ traditional water blasting methods. In fact some surfaces should not be washed and a treatment programme is required to ensure your roof stays in good condition which in turn minimises expensive maintenance costs.

*conditions apply

Chemical and Detergent Washing

We utilise only the best equipment available on the market (much of which we manufacture ourselves) enabling us to perform both low and medium pressure cleans, with or without chemical or detergent application.

The Detergents used are bio-degradable & environmentally friendly and will not harm your gardens, pets or kids.

In addition to our residential and commercial work, we also work closely with a number of Commercial and Residential plasterers and Painters to eliminate much of their prep work and ensure a maximum quality finish to the work. We are also involved in ongoing maintenance wash programmes.

We specialise in Cedar properties as well as Driveways, Paths, Decks, Fences, Roof wash and Treatments, Gutter clean and Guard.

Gutter Cleaning

The gutter clean is a three-stage process;

  1. First we remove all leaf matter, silt and debris by hand.
  2. Next we flush all your gutters, and your down pipes.
  3. Lastly we add a moss and lichen treatment that will not only leave your gutters clean but will also help prevent rapid re growth of green slime, moss and lichen.
Wooden Deck Cleaning
Wall Cleaning
Roof Cleaning
Pathway Cleaning
Gutter Cleaning
Gutter Guard Installation
Spiders Eradication


When you’re looking for house-wash contractors in Auckland who won’t break the bank, DNA Housewash is who you need. Organise a quote for your home or commercial building. And remember – no job is too small for our team of skilled staff.

Gutter Guard Installation

We supply several different types of gutter-guard and are happy to give you advice on which type is best suited to your specific requirements and budget.

One of our most popular products is the Bottlebrush type Gutter Guard. They are three-dimensional bristle filters. In areas prone to heavy leaf fall we recommend butting them together for an effective, continuous gutter protection system.

The innovative bristle design serves as an outer and inner barrier, screening debris that would pass through most mesh systems. Debris trapped with the filter remains suspended, allowing the sun to dry it out and the wind to blow it away. Bristle contact with the gutter floor can stop most small solids, even sand, from entering the down pipe.

The Bottlebrush Gutter Guard come with a full manufacturers warranty.

Spider Treatments

Exterior – We use an environmentally friendly, synthetic pyretheroid product that is highly effective against all insect life but completely harmless to people, kids and other pets. It is effective on both webbing spiders as well as nomadic hunters such as White-Tail Spiders, in fact, our product will eliminate any Spider or insect that comes into contact with it. The product is applied through a spray system and contains a waterproofing agent to ensure that it is still 100% effective after periods of rain and high humidity.

The Manufacturers warranty on the product is for one season, however through experience we have learned that the product stays effective for many months more in most environments. Most of our clients rebook annually to ensure they stay spider and insect free all year long.